Matheson Hammock Park

Vibe: Historic, Romantic, Rustic, Intimate, Family Friendly, Relaxing, Charming, Lush

This picturesque park opened in the 1930s, making it the first county park to open in Miami-Dade. Located in the affluent City of Coral Gables and right off of the distinguished Old Cutler Road, this is one of our most treasured county parks! Matheson Hammock boasts beautiful views wherever you look, with stunning mature trees, a wonderful lake, and in true Miami fashion – lots of palm trees! This location makes every ceremony feel like a romantic intimate affair.

A garden setting full of beautiful trees, Spanish moss, a lake, and much more, Matheson Hammock is a favorite for classy intimate weddings.

Oak Tree

This massive oak tree is breathtaking! With its size and sprawling branches, it’s a sight to behold. Oak trees are beloved throughout the world. They symbolize strength and resistance and are often associated with honor, nobility, and wisdom. We love that the symbolism for oak trees can also apply to marriage! This striking oak tree is such a dreamy and romantic backdrop for a wedding ceremony!

Banyan Tree

One of our favorite spots in the garden to hold ceremonies is by the majestic Banyan tree. The Banyan tree is a symbol of longevity – it has the ability to survive and grow for centuries, not allow anything to distract its growth and continuing its life around anything that comes up in its path. Not only is it a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony but we think the symbolism behind it is absolutely beautiful and very fitting for couples looking to get married or renew their vows.

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